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We Make Opera Popular in Taos

The Taos Opera Guild is part of the Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization that supports the Education and Community Programs of the Santa Fe Opera. Currently, five member guilds throughout the state of New Mexico present their members with a variety of educational and social programs that encourage a broad appreciation of the art of opera in general and the work of The Santa Fe Opera in particular.

In addition, each Guild provides support for for the arts in their local communities.  The  Taos Guild's objective is to make opera popular in in Taos.  To further that objective:

  • We sponsor events and activities that make opera more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in Taos
  • We host breakfasts and educational talks before every MetLive in HD performance
  • We provide free or low cost lectures on a variety of topics related to opera
  • We provide a free ticket and lunch to any Taos County student age 22 or younger for the Met HD Live performances at the Taos Center for the Arts.

Upcoming Events in the World of Opera in Taos and Northern New Mexico

  • New Events are in the Planning Stage

Become a member

We would love for you to join us at our many events, talks and trips to the Santa Fe Opera.  We have a lot of fun socializing and learning about the exciting art form that is opera.  There will also be many opportunities for volunteer work for our events in Taos or at the Santa Fe Opera.  For more information on membership benefits and levels, please go to our membership page.   

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